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Crowdfunding Highlight: Journalism and Publishers // 12:30 - 13:30

Crowdfunding has proven especially in the music and film industry. How can journalists, authors and publishers take advantag of this financing strategy?

There are so far only a few publishers, journalists and editors considering crowdfunding as an alternative financing model for their activities. Nevertheless,  the book project “Hartz IV Möbel” (a manual for self-made furnitures ) by Le Van Bo became one of the most successful German crowdfunding projects, particularly due to the important community of supporters and an efficient crosslinking. The author and initiator Le van Bo is going to present his project telling us how to efficiently combine crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and crowdmarkting and finally how he was able to  get his book project funded with 260 per cent.   

After then, Le Van Bo, Andrea Kamphuis (publisher Kraut Publishers) and Matthias Urbach ( will discuss about the opportunities of crowdfunding for journalists, publishers and authors.

Panel's participants


Anne Grabs (Author)

Case Study:
Le Van Bo with his manual "Hartz IV Möbel"


Le Van Bo (author),
Matthias Urbach (,
Andrea Kamphuis (Kraut Publishers)


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