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Future // 15:45 - 16:45

Crowdfunding – The financing model of the 21st century: Will crowdfunding replace the financial intermediations of banks in the future?

Crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, crowdlending or co-financing models: The new power of the online crowd manifests more and more its importance by supporting creative projects, innovative startups or enterprises. Some people are already talking about the democratication of the patronage and its new financing  and investment possibilties. Thus, nobody will be surprised that these new peer-to-peer platforms are considered by the bankers and financing institutes as a serious challenge for their core business (source:  Branchenkompass Kreditinstitute 2011)

During this session Lothar Lochmaier (economics journalist blogging about Social Banking 2.0), Boris Janek (Digitales Marketing VR-Networld) and Guido Sandler (Bergfürst) will discuss  with  Denis Bartelt (crowdfunding pioneer and platform founder of startnext) moderating this session about the future of the crowdfunding movement and the impact for bankers and financing service providers.  Guido Sandler will also present bergfürst the latest crowdinvestment platform.

Panel's participants

Denis Bartelt (

Guido Sandler (Bergfürst),
Lothar Lochmaier (Free economics journalist and blogger),
Boris Janek (Digitales Marketing VR-NetWorld GmbH)


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