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Status quo: Germany and the USA// 10:00 - 11:00

Crowdfunding - Financing by the crowd:
Facts, background information and research results

Where does the crowdfunding idea come from? In 2000 has been created in the USA and this was the first crowdfunding platform. Then, it took in the United States a decade for the crowdfunding idea to become an alternative financing solution with platforms like Indiegogo. Since 2010 crowdfunding also develops in many European countries and in Germany. Primarily cultural and creative projects, innovative product ideas or startups getting financed.

This session overviews the topic crowdfunding. Following greeting and introduction by Ela Kagel (Free Curator) and Dirk Kiefer (Thüringer Agentur für die Kreativwirtschaft) Prof. Dr. Andreas Will (University of Ilmenau) gives in his lecture a review of the crowdfunding situation in Germany (in German). Afterwards Slava Rubin ( talks about the current situation in the USA (in English).

Panel's participants

Ela Kagel (Free Curator)
Dirk Kiefer (Thüringer Agentur für die Kreativwirtschaft)

Keynote 1 concerning Germany
Prof. Dr. Andreas Will (University of  Illmenau)

Keynote 2 concerning USA
Slava Rubin (


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