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International // 11:15 - 12:15

The future of Crowdfunding in Europe: Do we need many small platforms for niches, regions, countries or one European platform crossing the languages and the borders?

Meanwhile there are many other and different crowdfunding platforms and we assist at the permanent increase of new crowdfunding platforms specialized in various issues and goals. Beside the well-known crowdfunding platforms for creativity projects, there are also a certain number of niche-platforms focused on an unique promotion position, i.e. in musics, startup financing or platforms with an local urban, national or international focus.

What are the trends of the European crowdfunding movement? Does it make any sense to sustain specialized crowdfunding platforms comparing with platforms working at a large scale and promoting many different projects sustained by larger communities?

Panel's participants

Ela Kagel (Free Curator)

Claudia Pelzer (
Clas Beese (European Crowdfunding Network)
David Röthler (


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